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National and International funded research projects

Alacris Theranostics is among the top 5 SMEs for FP7 funding

Applying a systems biology approach to predicting treatment outcome in metastatic skin cancer patients. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
Horizon 2020 funded project, with the aim of establishing a novel cloud-based infrastructure for the personalised treatment of paediatric cancer patients.
Alacris Theranostics co-ordinates this Horizon 2020 funded project aimed at developing a combined experimental and systems biology platform for predictive modelling of cancer signalling.
A FET-OPEN (Horizon 2020) project, aimed at developing novel proof-of-principle technologies for high-throughput protein sequencing and single molecule DNA/RNA sequencing.
Horizon 2020 funded project aimed at developing IT solutions to support clinicians in the prevention and treatment of heart disease.
As part of the Horizon 2020 programme the European consortium carries out a clinical research project for the treatment of Graft versus Host Disease, a serious complication following bone marrow transplantation.
A European consortium funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) with currently 33 partners from 13 countries aiming at the establishment of standard protocols for and clinical validation of blood-based biomarkers.
An International consortium of over 80 scientists that has launched one of Europe’s largest collaborative academic-industry research projects, focused on developing and validating biomarkers to provide a personalised approach to the treatment of colon cancer; a goal driven by a systems medicine approach based on in silico “Virtual Patient” models.
A large-scale inter-disciplinary consortium aimed at functional validation of genetic determinants of common and rare skeletal diseases. Results generated will enhance the mechanistic understanding of disease processes and age-related changes, and deliver new and validated therapeutic targets.