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June 2023: Introducing the ultra-high throughput MGI DNBSEQ-T7 sequencer at Alacris!

Prepare to be amazed as Alacris unleashes the impressive capabilities of the ultra-high throughput MGI DNBSEQ-T7 sequencer. Together with the DNBSEQ-G400 instruments, the MGI platform empowers us to provide customized NGS solutions that offer the best value without compromising on quality, catering to a vast array of clinical and research applications to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

May 2023: Alacris Extends ISO15189 Laboratory Accreditation for its Alacris CMTA® Cancer Diagnostic test to MGI NGS Technologies!

We are thrilled to announce that Alacris has taken a great leap forward in molecular cancer diagnostics by extending its ISO15189 laboratory accreditation to include MGI NGS technologies. This exciting development allows us to harness the exceptional power of MGI DNBSE TM technology for delivering cutting-edge medical Dx services with outstanding quality, accuracy and flexibility.

Join us on this remarkable journey as Alacris continues to pave the way in next-generation cancer Dx, setting new standards of excellence and innovation. 

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Comprehensive Molecular Tumor Analysis

The CMTA is a new generation molecular profiling technology that integrates transcriptome (RNAseq) to whole exome and/or genome sequencing. This test significantly enhances the scope of precision oncology diagnostics. more…

For Clinicians

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For Patients

Overcoming the obstacles:

Every cancer is different. Personalized comprehensive diagnostics based on tumor sequencing helps to better understand the biology of individual tumors, which provides a support guiding treatment choice. more…

For the Pharmaceutical Industry

Digital Twins to help virtualise drug development:

ModCell™ is an innovative tool designed to model the tumor response to specific therapies or therapy combinations based on deep omics data.
A unique opportunity to virtualise and accelerate drug discovery and development. more…