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The benefits of comprehensive molecular tumor profiling for treatment recommendations

Every patient is unique. Every tumor is unique and deploys its own set of complex molecular alterations occurring at the genome, transcriptome, and proteome levels. This individuality represents a challenge for cancer treatment, in particular for metastatic tumors, cancers of unknown primary (CUPs) and rare cancer types.
Companion diagnostics based on panels of genomic markers represent an important part of standard-of-care precision treatment strategies, however the benefits are limited to particular tumor types. For many cancer patients, there is still an unmet need of personalized diagnostics informing the clinicians on treatment options. Comprehensive molecular tumor analysis (CMTA) might help overcoming the obstacles.

The CMTA holistic solution advancing precision oncology

Comprehensive molecular tumor analysis (CMTA) is a new generation profiling technology that integrates transcriptome (RNAseq) to whole exome and/or genome sequencing. This test significantly enhances the scope of clinically-relevant alterations detected in the analyzed tumor, thus increasing the likelihood of identifying tumor-matched therapies.

The added value of deploying RNAseq in tumor diagnostics is now well recognized, opening up a novel dimension in personalized oncology. Integrating transcriptome data boosts the quality of the tumor report, providing deeper insights into targetable pathways and prognostic gene signatures.

The CMTA developed by Alacris Theranostics is a certified diagnostic test, increasingly adopted as preferred solution by oncologists worldwide. The CMTA embeds multiple levels of clinically-relevant information within a single test, making it both cost and time effective. This analysis can be performed either on frozen biopsies or on formaldehyde-fixed embedded tissues (FFPE).

The CMTA is applicable to any cancer type at any stage, and is positioned at a competitive price.

Why working with us: Our team at Alacris Theranostics has pioneered a number of NGS technologies including transcriptome sequencing in tumor profiling. With a long-standing expertise in the field, we are dedicated to excellence. We offer value-based services to clinicians for their patients, partnering with tumor boards to continuously adapt our products to the needs of our clients.

What we provide:

We offer certified (DIN-EN-ISO 15189) NGS-based tumor diagnostics:

CMTA: a tumor report based on comprehensive molecular profiling (exome/genome + whole transcriptome) with interpretation of clinically-relevant alterations guiding treatment choice.

The reporting includes:

  • Gene mutations
  • Tumor mutational burden (TMB)
  • Chromosome number alterations
  • Regions with loss of heterozygosity (LOH)
  • Gene fusions
  • Gene amplifications and deletions
  • Altered gene expression levels
  • Analysis of the tumor microenvironment and immune infiltration
  • Approved targeted therapies and clinical trials
  • Predictive biomarkers informing on targeted therapy and/or immunotherapy
  • Signatures of prognostic relevance for specific tumor types

The CMTA is flexible and can be adapted to specific requirements on request

CMTA-RNA: based on RNAseq only, this solution offers all the advantages of transcriptome analysis including gene fusions, estimation of immune infiltration, prognostic signatures and can be combined with panel sequencing data

Additional services:

  • Custom-amplicon targeted sequencing for rapid screening of known mutations
  • Data re-analysis from external NGS data

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