Comprehensive Molecular Tumor Analysis

A unique personalized solution for cancer patients

Cancer is a complex and heterogeneous disease. Every tumor is unique and demands individual molecular analyses to comprehend its complexity. We offer a highly comprehensive, integrated NGS genomic and transcriptomic analysis of tumors that fulfills the highest demands for quality. CMTA is one of the most comprehensive precision medicine products on the oncology market today.

One of the key strengths of the CMTA is the use of quantitative, high-resolution transcriptome data to enhance the quality and value of the molecular profiling conducted.

Based on our unique OncovarTM pipeline, specially developed for NGS-based molecular oncology, the CMTA provides a personalized approach to cancer management and beyond, delivering an ultra-deep, fully annotated analysis of the patient`s tumor and genome that goes beyond the state-of-the-art.

CMTA makes a difference in precision medicine

We have positioned the CMTA towards high dimensional data analysis, offering the best chance for cancer management.

Complexity made simple

The CTMA delivers a concise report containing extensive molecular information, fully annotated for clinical relevance:

  • Mutations in genes and clinically-relevant regions of the genome
  • Actionable variants
  • Whole genome chromosome alterations (digital karyotype)
  • Regions with loss of heterozygosity (LOH)
  • Gene fusions
  • Oncogenic transcript isoforms
  • Gene amplification and associated expression
  • Deletions and haploinsufficient cancer genes
  • Full analysis of altered gene expression in the tumor
  • Analysis of the tumor microenvironment and immune infiltration
  • Landscape of the tumor type and its microenvironment

The expert-curated CMTA report provides clinicians with the necessary information to support their treatment decisions:

  • Annotations for pharmacogenetics variants
  • Markers of treatment resistance
  • Immune-therapy profiling
  • Stratification of tumor sub-type
  • Approved therapies and current clinical trials


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