Our Services

We have developed a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, providing certified personalized services to our customers worldwide.

With a long-standing blend of expertise covering next generation sequencing (NGS), technology development, large-scale logistic operations, data management, high-dimensional data analytics and bioinformatics systems, the Alacris team is dedicated to innovation and excellence.

Alacris flagship products

  • CMTA: an innovative solution in personalized oncology offering a comprehensive NGS-based cancer diagnostics informing treatment choice for each patient
  • Certified NGS Services

We offer NGS sequencing services to suit a broad range of applications and customer requirements. With our closed, confidential and secure IT infrastructure operating with ISO9001 certified sequencing pipelines, we can guarantee our customers the highest quality results. All NGS procedures are operated according to strict quality control standards fulfilling regulatory requirements.

We deploy our unique NGS expertise for innovative cancer diagnostics, research projects in academia and pharmaceutical industry, as well as clinical trials.

We know what matters: We are inventors of the widely used strand-specific RNAseq protocol (Parkhomchuk et al. 2009Sultan et al. 2012) that has been licenced and is in use by market leaders in the NGS field. We were first to publish the value of RNAseq for investigating transcriptomes of mammalian cells  (Sultan et al. 2008).

NGS services portfolio

DNA and RNA extraction: from blood, frozen tissues, FFPE material or cells.

NGS applications:
  • Strand-specific RNA sequencing (PolyA+ or ribo-depleted)
  • Whole genome sequencing (WGS)
  • Shallow WGS for CNV analysis
  • Whole exome sequencing (WES)
  • Targeted sequencing
  • Small RNA /microRNA sequencing

Cutting-edge NGS analysis certified for translational use

Alacris Theranostics developed one of the most comprehensive NGS analysis pipelines available on the market integrating strand-specific RNAseq.

  • NGSightTM is a powerful, flexible solution for analyzing genomic and transcriptomic data in a variety of NGS applications
  • OncovarTM is the specialized NGSightTM automatized pipeline dedicated to tumor analysis for CMTA reporting and therapy choice recommendation.

We make a difference: focus on High-Resolution Transcriptomics (HRT deep RNAseq) leveraging standard DNA tumor analysis.

  • Quantitative gene expression
  • Orthogonal validation of DNA variants
  • Allele-specific expression
  • Detection of gene fusions
  • Transcripts isoforms
  • Clinically-relevant gene signatures
  • Immune infiltration
  • Long non-coding RNAs