Innovative SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics:

Highly sensitive and specific PCR tests at very low cost comparable to antigen testing (rapid tests)

The pandemic is far from over. Increasingly virulent variants threaten non-vaccinated people, while more and more vaccinated individuals transmit the virus. To help counteracting this threat, we have developed a new generation PCR-based SARS-CoV-2 test with IVD-CE certification, combining the superior sensitivity and specificity of PCR based tests, with the scalability and low cost of rapid antigen tests.

Advantages of the Alacris PCR test over rapid antigen tests

“Early virus detection is a life saver”

Before a rapid antigen test responds, infected persons have been usually already infectious for several days. Therefore, infected persons are often detected as positive only after the highest risk of spreading the disease has passed. In contrast, PCR tests are more sensitive and can already detect an infection before the infected person is able to infect others, reducing the dangerous “contaminating without knowing” phase, in which the rapid antigen tests are still negative.

Advantages of the Alacris PCR test over standard and pooled PCR tests

The Alacris Covid-19 test is based on an optimized PCR technology with the IVD-CE certification label that allows a much larger operational testing capacity at significantly lower costs than standard PCR tests, while offering the same level of sensitivity and specificity.

Compared to pooled PCR tests, the Alacris test provides far better results in shorter time, with higher sensitivity and lower costs. Since the quality of the PCR reaction in every sample is independently controlled, this avoids false negatives. Further, pooled PCR have a more complex logistics; additional time and costs are needed to identify the positive samples in positive PCR pools.

Test and diagnostic procedures

  • PCR tests can be performed as a nasal swab and as a non-invasive gargle or lollipop test (as a self-test) with 99% specificity and 100% sensitivity.
  • Fast turnaround: 3 – 6 hours from sample receipt to result.
  • easier non-invasive sample collection allows the wide use of this PCR test.
  • Certification & working standards: IVD-CE certified testing, ISO9001:2015, ISO15189 & ISO13485 applied, S2 safety standard.
  • External validation (interlaboratory tests: INSTAND e.V., EMQN).
  • Data protection compliant handling of personal data No. 5 § 1
  • Travel document compliance of laboratory reports.
  • Reporting of positive results to relevant health authorities.
  • Unique and reliable customer identification through 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Secure IT platform for customer registration.

Our range of services includes:

PCR tests for private individuals
PCR tests for companies
PCR tests for organizations
Costs 5-25 Euro (plus VAT) per sample, depending on sample number and diagnostic procedures: INQUIRE for a quote

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