Why Alacris

Why Alacris Theranostics ?

Exceptional scientific heritage and expertise

Human beings are unique, and so are their diseases, often leading to lack of response to the drugs they receive and in a significant number of cases, serious adverse drug reactions. In cancer, this situation is exacerbated by the fact that the complex molecular profiles of the treated tumors are mostly unknown at the time of treatment. Further, tumor heterogeneity exists even within a given pathological sub-type, complicating the rational follow-up of drug response behavior in the absence of detailed molecular information on the tumor and its microenvironment.

If the concept of precision medicine is now becoming harnessed in the clinical setting, the scope of analysis is in most cases limited to the search for single gene mutations, or known gene fusions.

Alacris Theranostics holds a strategic position in the field of personalized medicine, capitalizing on its long standing expertise in NGS technologies and high dimensional data analysis. In the field of molecular oncology, more is definitely more. We have developed leading-edge comprehensive molecular tumor analysis solutions offering many advantages over panel sequencing, whilst being economically competitive.

There is a strong rationale for conducting comprehensive tumor analysis. More than a quarter of all cancers are either rare cancers or cancers of unknown origin, which are in desperate need of being analyzed at the individual level in order to be able to be offered personalized treatment. Frequent intra-tumor heterogeneity in common cancer types also calls for a deeper characterization of the bulk samples.

Based on decades of experience of the main founders in the analysis of the human genome and systems medicine, Alacris Theranostics proposes innovative solutions in molecular oncology. We combine cutting-edge precision medicine, through an exceptionally deep analysis of every patient, with advanced systems medicine, to further personalize treatment recommendations, through generating computer models of every patient, which can then be tested with the entire range of therapy options (including drugs from other therapy areas).

The Alacris team has been working since 2008 in the NGS field, with experience in both sequencing and NGS data analysis as part of national and international research and commercial projects.

Outstanding innovative technologies

We offer our expertise to provide a wide range of cutting-edge services in the areas of systems biology, bioinformatics and NGS for research and commercial projects. Alacris’ proprietary technologies – the integrative NGS data analysis pipelines NGSightTM and OncovarTM, and the predictive modeling system ModCellTM – are not only enabling a highly innovative approach to cancer precision medicine but are also impacting targeted drug development, reducing costs and time to approval. Alacris’ unique and outstanding technology has been recognized by multiple awards, including the prestigious German Innovation Award in 2015.