Overcoming the obstacles: a personalised approach to cancer therapy

Cancer is a complex disease; differences in the genetic make-up of individuals as well as their tumours make every cancer patient unique. Current medical practice fails to recognise this individuality and treats many patients identically, leading to wide variations in response to therapy. Typically, only one quarter of patients benefit from the (often expensive) treatment they are given, with many suffering serious side effects. It is undeniable that great strides have been made in developing treatments for cancer; however, treatment decisions are still dominated by a reliance on the trial-and-error principle. A more focused and personalised approach to cancer therapy is urgently required.

Alacris Theranostics brings the future of cancer therapy to the present by generating a detailed molecular profile of the individual patient and tumour, supplying the clinician with the necessary information to provide the best possible treatment for each patient.

Alacris Theranostics does not offer services directly to patients. If you are a patient interested in our services, please speak to your doctor/oncologist, and ask them to contact us: clinicians@alacris.de

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Founder of Alacris Theranostics, Prof. Hans Lehrach talks about the ‘Fight against Cancer’ using Virtual Patient technology in Tomorrow Today.

Please supply the download forms below to your doctor or oncologist. Provide our contact to your doctor or your doctor’s contact to us for all further communication.

For more general information on personalised medicine please read here.