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Innovating today for the medicine of tomorrow

Revolutionizing our approach to healthcare and drug development

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Alacris startet eine zweite Crowdfundingrunde mit Seedmatch

Begleiten Sie uns auf die nächste Stufe der Markterweiterung in Europa und in den USA. Unterstützen Sie mit Ihrem Investment, dass mehr und mehr Patienten eine der genauesten und individuellsten Krebsdiagnostiken erhalten können. Werden Sie Teil der Erfolgsgeschichte von Alacris.

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A technological solution to the current pandemic

Together with Hans Lehrach and George Church, both among our founders, Alacris is also pursuing techniques to potentially eliminate SARS-CoV-2 by highly efficient high throughput population wide tests carried out regionally, nationally, super-nationally (e.g. in the Schengen area) and ultimately on a world-wide basis. A first patent application covering some of these techniques has been submitted. Please find short articles in English and German describing the concept here. If you would like to continue to receive information on these developments, please click here.

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For pharmaceutical companies

Certified NGS analytics and ModCellTM for pre-clinical studies, virtual clinical trials, biomarker identification, drug development and repositioning

For patients and clinicians

Personalizing precision medicine with our CMTA (Comprehensive Molecular Tumor Analysis) and ModCellTM technologies to optimize therapy for each individual patient

For academic laboratories

Partnership for NGS technologies and systems biology applications