QIAGEN to acquire stake in Alacris

QIAGEN has signed an agreement for the acquisition of  a strategic stake in Alacris Theranostics GmbH, a German start-up company using the novel technology ModCellTM to develop individualized cancer treatment strategies based upon a patient’s genomic profile, and for the acquisition of an exclusive option to access all biomarkers emerging from this discovery program.  The collaboration brings together QIAGEN‘s global leadership in developing molecular diagnostic and testing solutions in pharmaceutical development and personalised healthcare with Alacris Theranostics’ expertise in genome sequencing and analysis and preferential access to large and well-characterized clinical samples.

Prof. Dr. Hans Lehrach (one of the founders of Alacris Theranostics and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics) commented “We are very pleased about this collaboration. With QIAGEN, we have not only engaged a financially strong investor but also a leader in personalised health care as our partner. QIAGEN has rich experience and know-how in the commercialisation of innovative life science and diagnostic technologies, which will help us to commercialise this novel approach to treating diseases such as cancer in the future.”

Read the complete press release here: Press release Qiagen